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Do you feel like you are here for a special purpose?   Does that purpose feel like it has something to do with nurturing?  Are you the type that always seems to be the one that everyone comes to for aid and assistance?   If so you might be part of a special team of individuals who are here for a unique purpose tied to the changes that are taking place on the planet.  Even if you think that such a purpose is beyond what you are here to provide; the information, exercises, and training will still stand in good use toward you preparing yourself to make the shift to living in a higher density/dimensional reality.

There is an unknown, at least to me, number of individuals incarnated on the planet at this time who have agreed to a unique mission.  That mission is to provide comfort, aid, guidance, teaching, and assistance to those who after the shift will require some amount of “hand holding” to get through the initial adjustments to the changes that will be brought about by the shift.   I will leave the remaining details that I have on this agreed purpose until later.  For now the most important thing is for you to begin to gather the Light (knowledge) that is going to allow you to flow through the shift with as much higher consciousness as you can maintain.

Terra, our physical planet, under the control and through the desires and wishes of Gaia the consciousness attached to Terra is making changes to undergo a shift from a planet capable of sustaining a lower 4th and a full 3rd density population of humans to one capable of sustaining a lower 5th and a full 4th density population.  To be able to support the new levels the old levels will no longer be compatible with the planet.

Here, I need to explain that a planet is a celestial object that can be thought of as analogous with your 3rd density physical body.   A planet is an object created to be capable of being the vehicle for the type of consciousness that would “inhabit” a celestial object.   Your body is an object created to be capable of being the vehicle for the type of consciousness that we refer to as “human” type consciousness.  Both are capable of being altered, changed, shifted, transitioned, and transformed under the control and through the desire and co-creational ability of the “inhabiting” consciousness.

Such changes, alterations, transitions, and transformations are different from the achievement of higher and greater levels of development that consciousnesses can acquire through the acquisition of Light (knowledge).   A consciousness will rise in elevation to higher and higher levels of consciousness interaction with ALL THAT IS with the ultimate destination to be to achieve a level where the consciousness becomes one in unity with the force/energy/intelligence of that which is unmanifested.

The difference between what an object such as a “human” body or celestial object and what a consciousness goes through can be labeled as ascension for the latter and a shift for the former.   So when we speak of ascension, we are talking about the consciousness elevating to a higher level of Light infused existence.   Likewise, when we speak of a shift we are speaking of the changes, transformations, or transitions that an object, human or celestial type,  needs to complete to remain compatible with the requirements being achieved by the elevation of the consciousness.

Terra is being driven by her consciousness, Gaia, to make actual changes in the makeup of the planet so that it will be capable of maintaining not only a sustaining environment but also to maintain the levels of consciousness patterning that will be required for this planet to support a 4th density population.   There is nothing that can be done to stop or alter that progression.   It will continue on until such time as the requirements have been met for beginning its new agreement.  

This unfolding is not “time” dependent but is based upon certain “conditions or events” being met so that the ultimate levels of capability can be reached.  Regardless of what might be required to reach that point of shifting; it will reach a point where the planet will physically reach the state where the vibratory and other elements can no longer support any form of 3rd density related entities.

It would appear at this time that there will reach a point of transformation of the conditions on the planet where a sudden but necessary shift will occur.   That sudden but necessary shift can take any form but one such form could be a geomagnetic pole shift.  A geomagnetic pole shift with its inherent drop in the intensity level of the magnetic field will cause certain disruptions in the mental processes of those who have achieved sufficient levels of Light to make the shift with the planet into the 4th density but insufficient to fully protect certain mental aspects of the “human” body associated with their consciousness.

Others on the other hand who have done sufficient preparatory work through conscious effort can build the magnetic properties of the brain to produce a lessening of the impact from the weakening and then reversal of the geomagnetic field.   This positive impact can range in varying degrees from small amounts of beneficial effect all the way to having minimal impact from the magnetic field reversal.

The individual entities who will make the shift with the planet then will experience varying degrees of “forgetfulness” about the shift itself, the way things were when all was 3rd density, loss of memory of family and those not making the shift, etc.   It is the agreement of those who are members of the Transition Team to aid and assist those who will have difficulty adjusting due to the impact of the loss of conscious cognition of the events during and prior to the shift.

Some of those who will need comfort, guidance, and assistance will be children who will make the shift without parents, relatives or even friends.   Others will be those who have awaken late sufficient to be compatible with 4th density as well as other categories.   These individuals will need indepth caring, comfort, and guidance.  The task will be made somewhat easier or more difficult, to some degree, due to the inability to recall.

Through the auspices of HEDS Inc., a foundation dedicated to assisting in global consciousness growth, and Light Workers Unified we are reaching out to all those who may know they are part of the Transition Team, those who being a member of the team produces heart resonance, those who simply find a longing and yearning desire to dedicate themselves to actively serve the Source of All That Is and the consciousness responsible for the formation of this Universe, or anyone who simply wants to rise as high as possible in preparation for the shift.   It will be our goal to disseminate the knowledge (light) needed to prepare for the shift; mentor, guide, and assist all participate in this program in remaining dedicated and perseverant to the task; and to create and hold web based trainings at the lowest cost possible for all those who are interested so as to prepare them as much as possible for the task to come.

If you are interested, please, use the contact us button at the top of the page to provide us with your contact information and to let us know you are interested in at least more information.

I wish to give thanks to Mnemlo of Arcturus for the information contained in this document and for his assistance and guidance in this area.