Light Workers Unified

To Raise Global Consciousness

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This website is dedicated to all the Light Workers of Terra Firma.  As more and more of you join the growing army of Light Workers--I welcome you to our army of those holding the Light.


For some time now all of you have been doing a wonderful and necessary job of holding the Light against the Dark forces on this planet


As we approach ever closer to the time when the window for the time for ascension preparation to close there is arising a greater and greater need of your services.


As we approach the time for the culmination of the part that the Dark forces has to play on this planet there is a growing need for those of you who are Light Workers to step into the daylight of recognition to take a firm but non-violent stance against the injustices perpetrated by those Dark forces.


We of the Celestial and Interstellar forces request that you educate yourselves on what and how those forces have manifested on your planet.  Without knowledge of their acts and actions you will be unable to appropriately manifest your resistance to their deeds.


There will come a time in the near future where you will be called upon to "take to the streets" in protest to all that has arisen from the Dark forces.  It will be necessary for you to understand and seek to pull together to create the new paradigm.


A new paradigm based upon self organizing collectives and systems.   A paradigm dedicated not to the best for the majority but a paradigm where the sovereignty and self expression of each individual is given its due.


A paradigm where the basic premise is that there is no violation of another in acts, words, or deeds except in absolute self defense.   A paradigm where it is embraced that each is equal to and no better or less than another.


A paradigm where external matter is of no importance as the truth is that at the center of all we are the same, a fragment of the One Creator.   A loving, feeling and caring embracement of the truth--we are all simply the out expression of the Infinite Creator.


There arises the time for you to come together and begin to organize, to supplant and supersede all other groups who are opposing various elements or facets of the Dark forces.   It is for the Light Workers upon this planet to bring to the fore the complete and total denial of the entire Dark agenda.


You must be prepared to openly and publicly come together to stand in plain and open view in opposition to their desired control.   When you embrace this position and begin to allow the world to see your courage and determination you will find how not alone you stand.  We of the higher consciousnesses promise that you will not be alone in your pursuit as long as you practice non-violence.


Do not concern your selves with justice as justice will come to those who have participated in the roles of the Dark side.   Their justice will be administered as it must be--with temperance of mercy in recognition of their place within the Divine Plan.


All have come together in a universal dance of divine planning to bring you the opportunity to properly ascend from the heaviest of the lower densities to the lighter vibrations of higher consciousness.   Please, keep this in mind always that even those who were the volunteers to seek growth through the Dark side were a necessary and vital part of the Divine Plan.


We of the higher realms now call upon each of you to prepare to manifest the new paradigm upon this planet.


I speak not for myself alone but for all those who are standing in service to your beloved planet--that which you call Terra Firma.



Lord Metatron