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About Asa

My advisors tell me that it would be beneficial if I take a few moments to tell you a little about me.   I find it difficult to do that as this website is not about me or who I am or anything about me.  It is a website dedicated to trying to help those who are interested in seeking spiritual growth, those that are incarnated here as Light Workers to help this planet and its peoples through the coming transition, and those Starseeds/Galactic Beings who volunteered to lend their experiences to being teachers and advisors to the people of this planet while assisting in directing the creation of the new paradigm.


Like everyone on this planet I am no different.   I actually have two histories that we could speak about.   One is the sum total of all the experiences and events that make up the current lifestream as a carbon based vehicle that the spirit that I am has used and is using during this incarnation.   That incarnation history, if you will constitute things like the parents through which I incarnated, the formal and informal educational experiences that I have accumulated in the process of preparing for my purpose/mission, the "life experiences" that have played such a major part in my existence, and of course all the relationships that I have encountered during this incarnation.


In truth all of that which I have mentioned in the foregoing is merely the path that I have been led to follow by my spirit and those loving entities who have assisted and advised me for this entire incarnation.  So when I relate to you that I have accomplished certain things since my "formal" genesis of awakening to an awareness of being that which I AM, a great spiritual being pursuing what experiences are like in the physical,  it is not for impressing but simply to demonstrate that like all others I have been guided and assisted to gather the knowledge that allows the unfolding of the pursuit of higher spiritualness. 


The acquisition of the skills and knowledge sufficient to become a Master Hypnotist, Master NLP Practitioner, a hynpnotherapist certified in various speciality areas including past life regression, a Reiki Master/Teacher, an EFT Practitioner, a TIME technique therapist, a certified life, success, spiritual coach, and various alternative/complementary healing modalities were merely enabling activities.   All of this knowledge and training have been and are for the singular purpose of preparing me for my ultimate mission/purpose for this life duration.  The skills acquired in the areas of therapy and alternative inner improvement allows me to guide others in the recognition, addressing and clearing of those physical density emotional issues that must be balanced to further rise in spiritual growth.


My "life" prior to my formal "awakening", in retrospect, was brimming with example after example of the tell-tale indications of my guides and advisors being always at hand.   Insuring that not only would I be in the right place at the right time but forever providing nudges that had I been more cognizant of what and who I was would have been the stimulus that could have sufficient to bring about an earlier awakening.  However, such was not to be and then more than a decade ago the time was such that events were orchestrated to provide the catalyst for the "awakening".


Since that awakening as I grew in consciousness I reached a place where over time much was revealed to me about who I truly am and what I am doing here.   I an here in body to serve the Creator by being first and foremost an experiencer of that which exists to be experienced and secondly to serve the Divine as a humble messanger, the return of a being from a higher realm-an angel, of the Law of One.   I incarnated into a 3rd density physical body to be one of those that volunteered to bring back to the planet the personification of "The Philosopher" and to again take on the role of a teacher and revealer of the ancient wisdom that has been present on this planet for millenia.   


It is that mission, that purpose, that is for me to fulfill.   Everything else that I offer is not for any purpose other than to act as a catalyst to assist others in pursuing their own spiritual growth.   I am well seated in the knowledge that I am a Starseed/Galactic Being who entered into incarnation for the intent and purpose of serving the Creator and the ALL THAT IS by offering assistance and guidance to Terran humanity and this planet in bringing to life the new paradigm.   Prior to coming into incarnation I, like all others, have had numerous "life times" on other planets.   I have been shown that I have had experience as a member of the diplomatic corps of a planetary system within this galaxy as well as extensive experience over numerous "life times" as a master teacher.  That aspect of being a teacher has been continued even during this physical incarnation. 


I then offer this information to you only for informational purposes only and for no other reason.