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A Message From The Collective

Received:  June 16, 2012
Source: The Celestial & Interstellar Collective

Question:  Can give me some guidance on the unfolding of the Divine Plan?

We have given you much guidance already and now it is time for you to exercise your free will and take action.

That applies both to you as an individualized fragment and to your planet as a whole.

The ways have been established for the choosing as evidenced by the many opportunities that currently exist for groups and individuals to actively make their free will choices of how they will proceed from this point foreward.

We care not what choice is made just simply that it is done as the Divine unfolding will occur based upon the Now and will ultimately arrive at the same point whatever the current execution of free will.  Now the energies are driving forward the unfolding on this planet and that unfolding is bringing into reality the next evolutionary step.

It will be through the initiative and efforts of the people that will set the stage for the coming shift.   That includes creating and establishing the atmosphere where all of the signs that have been detailed in so many messages from the higher realms are capable of manifesting into reality.

We of your collected teachers, advisors, guides, and others have been repetitively providing you with a recurring thought that sums up the current and upcoming trends to occur on your planet [comment: the thought referred to is the recurring rising of the Dickens quote at the beginning].  Pay attention to what it is you receive as nothing ever happens without a reason.

Surely by now you are becoming more familiar with how we communicate with you both formally and informally.  These same techniques are unsed throughout the Universe.  It is through your own Creator fragment that these techniques are used for communicating in third density existence.

We of your collective team stand ready for our opportunity to formally communicate with you at your convenience.   Salud